Friday, September 14, 2012


Okay here comes ze weekend. I'm free and got nothing to do. Ramai orang balik dan saya tinggal di sini seorang diri lulss. Dah la dinner tak pergi. actually i nak pergi sangat dinner tu, tapi classmates semua tak pergi, brp budak laki je yang pergi. tak best lah kan macam ni. sorry to dinner AJKs, kitorang bukannya boikot, tapi sebab ramai sangat balik. Dahla kelas kitorang jenis yg macam, kalau sorang tak pergi, semua taknak pergi. SORRY tau :( Okay done with dinner, exam is just around the corner. takut gila tapi tak study punn. measurement tak faham langsung. actually faham je bila belajar, tapi bila nak buat sendiri :O Okay now, me got so many assignments to finish actually. 2 Measurement assgs, Cons tech video simulation regarding flooring system, economy recession 1997, and Building services in escalator topic for report. Adoyai. saya memang suka macam ni kan, nak belajar utk exam pun takde masa -.-

Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm stuck

Assalamualaikum! :)

Exam is less than a month time from now. Saya tipu diri sendiri, semalam kata nak start struggle harini. PUII. My timetable is pack from now. This weekend is PERUBAHAN family day and sports day. Next weekend, me don't know nak balik ke tidak, bcos monday cuti. Taknak balik sebab nak studyy, takut lah exam. Dah la tak faham apa apa measurement. Nak balik sebab.. well no solid reason actually, nak balik sebab nak balik lah. But what's ze point, abah and ibu pergi korea. and less than 2 weeks nak exam dah at that time :S 

me love you <3 font="font">

Sunday, August 12, 2012

IT'S AUGUST and Ramadhan and semester 3 and still breathing. Alhamdulillah :')

So what's up peeps, i'm still the same fiza as about 4 months of missing from ze blog. I don't know somehow I wan't to update here today. tonight. it's 1.19am and i'm still up. of course. Today is saturday. a week before RAYA. le activities for today:

9am-11am   Health Talk
12pm-9pm   Went to Manjung, teman my gedik friends for raya shopping and buka puasa.

That's all for today. I wish I have the vibe for study next morning. exam is just around the corner hafizah oii. I'll be in Shah Alam next wednesday. This sunday is RAYAAA! okay i'm actually not that excited. I think i'm the only Malaysian that is not excited for Raya lol. I have to except the fate that I'll be raya-ing in Shah Alam. For the first freaking time. This is because my parents' families had spread out and already have their own grandchildren and I don't have grandparents anymore.

Okay enough about Raya. I want to discuss about my further studies. Continue from what I'd discussed a few months ago, I think that I want to pursue my QS studies rather than architectural. I don't have any solid reason actually. I just feel like it. Soooo, I still don't know whether to pursue fast track diploma or not. Most of me would say no. But abah and ibu wants me to. Their reason is I'll be studying degree QS in UiTM Shah Alam next semester, it'll be easier. But I want to finish my diploma first because 1) I'll have diploma cert 2) I still can chase for ANC (Anugerah Naib Chanselor) 3) I'll be experience my practical studies in sem 5. Those are my main reasons for staying here for another 1 and a half year. Hiks.

SHOOT! le laptop batteghy left about 10%

bytheway, these people inspires me a lot now.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

love her


Effa Durrah Zafirah Azma Alya, mana korang ni? hmm miss you guyssss :( And miss Camyla too. And all Samtajians.

Sabar ye Fizaa :)

Im bored and feel like want to talk about politics. hikhik(annoying tak?)
Okay first of all I hate politics, I mean I would never involve myself in it and if in one day, peoples around me talk anything about politics, it spoiled my day. I used to love listen my parents' and friends' views on politics discussion when im in my sekolah menengah. I believe that most of Malaysians now are against government, including my closed ones. I rarely meet somebody that really support government. Eventhough I believe in those against gov more than the gov, I believe in Allah more than anything. What I mean is that, no matter what religion we are, what political views we trust and what race we are, (we are One Malaysia) HAHHAHA no, I mean, we trust in God. And as a muslim, of course we trust in Allah. I dont know why peoples scratching each others face just because of they did something wrong. Peoples made mistakes. I know that some may say that they did mistakes on purpose whatsoever. But JUST LEAVE THE JUDGEMENTS TO ALLAH. If they did that just on purpose, what can we do? can we ask her/him to appologize? We cant change a thing. All we can do is pray to Allah for them to open their eyes and heart and appologize to Allah. Then, another thing is believe in bad rumors that we dont know whether it is true or not. Please just do some research first before spreading such rumors and before spitting it on my face! And she is in opposite political views from me, haishh Sabar je

Okay, sooo in the long run, I would like to say(ehem) that we may have different views from the others, but before you judge people, look at yourself first. Assalamualaikum! :)